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React Native

I am a junior majoring in Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.
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LSAT Engine helps students maximize their LSAT scores with an adaptive algorithm that trains them in areas that will get them the most points. I am recreating the website: lsatengine.com

I worked on full-stack projects at Symantec as a Software Engineering Intern over the summer of 2019.
I am the Technology Director of Bruin Entrepreneurs at UCLA. We are using languages and tools like JavaScript, React, and HTML/CSS to build websites. As a sophomore, I led the redesign of our website:
I document my best coding projects on GitHub View Projects


My Website

The languages I used to create this website are HTML, (S)CSS, Javascript, and JQuery.

Virtual Percussion

I used Java to create an application that makes a computer keyboard work like the keys of mallet percussion instruments.

Personal CS Projects


I used C++ to code this shooter game which demonstrates my knowledge of polymorphism, inheritance, and abstraction.

OpenMP Lab

I used the language C and the OpenMP API to maximize the efficiency of a program that superimposes X-Ray photo pixels to create a single final image.


This collection of C++ algorithms can decrypt an encoded message, demonstrating my experience with recursion and hash tables.

UCLA CS Projects

Young Leaders Award

Awarded the "University of Rochester: George Eastman Young Leaders Award" for my leadership.

College Acceptances

Accepted to UCLA, Emory University, and UIUC for engineering. I was offered the University Scholarship ($100,000) to attend CWRU.

IB Computer Science

Given the class award for my excellence in Computer Science in senior year.

High School Achievements



I learned Stubernic in tenth grade and later brought it to the state level competition, receiving the highest ratings.

Pirates of the Caribbean

In my senior year, I spent three hours per day for over two months transcribing this piano piece to marimba and was able to play it by memory using two mallets in each hand.


I won first place in the high school division of the world's largest percussion convention.

Personal Endeavors

High School Bands

My passion for drumming led me to become the percussion leader for all these bands by my sophomore year.






Uncover Both

The Journey

Until junior year of high school, I was always the skinniest kid in my classes even though I had been exercising for years. My frustration with my lack of improvement transformed into a relentless work ethic and, eventually, results.


I weight-lift five times a week at my local gym. When my friends began asking me about my workout plan in high school, I decided to create a guide to weight-lifting with my tips and exercises which can be found by clicking the image to the left.
Nutrition is a key part of maintaining a lean physique. I eat a lot of broccoli and chicken breasts every day for a high-protein, low-sugar/carb meal plan.


I played tennis my whole childhood and was on my middle school's team for all three years.


Interact Club

I founded the Interact Club in tenth grade. By the end of my two years, we had raised $40,000 for childhood cancer research, shipped over 280 bicycles to South Africa, and volunteered in local service events. I oversaw the organization of these projects, ran club meetings, and was the liaison to our Rotary Club sponsor and all other organizations.

My greatest accomplishment with this club is that I left a sustainable impact on my community. The year after I graduated, the Interact Club raised over $35,000.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital

My innate passion for service led me to become a volunteer at the BRRH gift shop. I worked for four hours every Sunday for two years. This experience taught me how to use a cash register and work collaboratively with my co-workers. Every interaction with each customer was a learning experience for me as I developed my sales abilities and tried to leave a smile on the visitors' faces.
I was awarded a scholarship by this hospital for my service and academic standing.


Sujal was a four-person, non-profit organization with the goal of providing clean and safe water to underprivileged villages in India. We collected funds by hosting booths at cultural events and encouraging people to donate. With the $20,000 we raised, we installed reverse osmosis filters and gave LifeStraws to underprivileged schools and families.

My moral and altruistic foundations stem from my early involvements with my Indian background, like being a part of Sujal and attending Sunday School.


Over 15 Exams
IB HL Math
IB HL Physics
IB HL English
IB HL Global Politics
IB SL Spanish
IB SL Computer Science
FLVS US History


To pursue these four activities while living the other parts of my life to the fullest, I have to develop a perfect balance between everything I do.
The things surrounding this bubble were my HS senior year commitments.
Percussion Captain of Marching Band
First Chair of Jazz and Concert Bands
Interact Club Founder and President
Marimba FBA Competition
15 minute-long marimba duo
NHS Member and Tutor
Science NHS Member
Rho Kappa NHS Member
Spanish NHS Member
16 College Applications
Silver Knight Application


Explicitly defining my goals helps me stay focused towards what I want to achieve.
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Graduate UCLA knowing that I had a great social and academic experience. Also, I want to make a positive impact on Bruin Entrepreneurs

Strategy: Working diligently.
Apply my computer science knowledge to a company that has genuine relations with its employees and clients. I would like to then move into management.

Strategy: Building my network.
Become financially successful. Being very wealthy is a sign to myself that I was the hardest worker I could be.

Strategy: Developing academic and leadership skills.
Relearn Spanish and Hindi, two languages I used to be fluent in but forgot over time.

Strategy: Talking to my parents in Hindi and watching Spanish shows.


Keep my lean physique and healthy lifestyle, no matter what happens in my life.

Strategy: Working out five times per week and eating healthy.
Maintain healthy relationships with my brother, mother, father, and extended family.

Strategy: Being positive and forgiving.
Become comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone and understand failure as a different route to success.

Strategy: Doing things that make me nervous.
Continue being altruistic by donating to respectable causes, being positive and helpful in my community, and joining the Rotary Club when I am an adult.

Strategy: Doing random acts of kindness.


Regain my passion for reading books because they are known to make people more relaxed, open-minded, and smarter.

Strategy: Reading books on my list I created in 2017.
Travel to new places at every opportunity I have.

Strategy: Going to new parts of LA when I go out.
Continue developing my newfound passions for skating and boxing. Also, get better at cooking for when I live alone in an apartment.

Strategy: Skating to class, boxing at Bruin Fit, and cooking with my mom at home.
Continue playing the drums and challenging myself in new ways with percussion instruments.

Strategy: Playing along to songs from my Spotify on my electronic drumset in Florida.



These are the ways I consistently motivate myself towards my vision on a daily basis.
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